Join us for our 6th Antioch Rotary Club Bunny Hop 5K Online!




Please Join Bunny Hop Virtual 5k from April 2nd - 20th, 2021.

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Spring time is upon us and the Easter Bunny has been training all winter to reclaim the age old tale against the tortoise.  This year we invite participants to run like the Hare or pace yourself steady to victory like the tortoise.  Participants will get a medal and Bunny Hop 5k face mask mailed to you at no extra cost.  If you like to be part of the community video please hash tag #antiochbunnyhop5k on your   Instagram account or email your picture to . 

The Rotary Club of Antioch is a non-profit volunteer organization servicing the local community for over 74 years.  Some of the projects include Girls Empowerment Project, Boys Kings Conference, Community Beautification, and Dictionary program. The Bunny Hop 5k proceeds will directly go toward scholarships at the local high schools. If you want to learn more about the Rotary Club of Antioch please visit .